Awesome Bids & Perfect Follow Up!

The quickest & easiest way to create bids with intuitive lead management

(tailor-made for the pool industry)

Awesome (& easy) Bids

Create, send and manage bids from any Internet-connected tablet or computer quickly, easily and accurately.  Each bid is presented in a beautiful and interactive online format for strategic upsells, add-ons and online bid acceptance.

Active & Responsive Development

We love making our BizRevr customers very happy.  BizRevr is designed to make your life easier and more profitable so we have an open line of communication with each customer we bring on.  As you have ideas to make the software better we actively pursue these ideas and how they can be implemented into the software.

Perfect Follow Up & Tracking

Know exactly where each lead is in the sales process, who is working with that lead and the potential revenue for each project. BizRevr then perfectly ties in pre-sales education and follow up specific to your company and product offerings. It's like having a superstar sales rep!

Ongoing Support & Training

We know what it's like to be a small business owner and take on yet another project.  That's why BizRevr has been designed from the ground up to be very easy to start using, yet with all the power to grow your business.  Free support and training is provided to ensure you see real growth and results.